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Call for a penny or less a minute!

No contract, no hidden costs. No bundle and save (aka spend more) strategies, no dangling a promo for 6 months in exchange for locking you away for 3 years, No bargin basement free call scheme with crap quality. We offer you high quality calls for silly low rates. We also provide you with much needed business tools free of charge such as our virtual pbx and call center tools.


Its been around a long time, its well developed. Its used by all the major telephone companies as a part of there main infrastructure. Rogers even deploys it and calls it there "homephone". Use it on your mobile,pc or even with a regular phone using an adapater. If you have highspeedinternet you should be using voip.

We beat the competition hands down. There is absolutely no reason you should be paying monthly fee's upwards of $12.99-$60 a month for VOIP! Our average residential users spend as little as a few dollars each month. If your a business why pay fixed line costs if most of your calls long distance.?

No per users accounts required, if you have a big family or multiple emlpoyees that need our service you can simply manage them all from one friendly online location at no addiditonal charge! We also refuse to charge people for support fees like many of the other providers out there. We even throw in a free Virtual PBX!