The Skinny

Super cool free virtual (aka cloud) phone system, and wicked Canada and USA rates for so little.

Best price,
hands down

Incredibly cheap per minuite rates to many desintaions, by partnering with several carriers globally and group buying hundreds of millions of minutes a month we can offer you actual carrier cost in many locations.

Great quality
and service

Pennytel Canada only deals with top tier supplies and not small resale companies to ensure you get the best quality calls and also ensure you get fanastic service should you ever have any call routing issues.

Easy to use
simple to pay

See all your call details live online, always know where your balance sits, no guessing required. Be notified of low balances and much more. We offer several payment options for your convenience.

Large Business
worry free installs

If your a large corporation and you need a fully managed deployment, we can provide you with the complete rollout including use of carrier grade equipment to ensure you have a successful experience.