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We can have you up and chatting online in minutes.

 Our Services Include


  • Free Virtual PBX Software
  • Free Skype forwarding
  • Free googletalk forwarding
  • Unlimited extensions and sip accounts
  • Free voicemail to email
  • Free Dialer Software for Call Centers
  • Free IVRs / Automatic Attendants, and many more super awesome features..
  •  In fact there isnt much that we actually charge for
     we really want to put the other phone companies out of business that much.

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    Optionally Install some software

    If youd like to use a software SIP phone here are some free ones we have tested and like.

    You can also find many good ones for your Cell & Mobile Devices



    Alternatly you dont even need voip to use our service. Loads of options are available to you with our virtual pbx.

    Get gabbing with pennytel

    Enjoy your service, and watch out for our upcomming retroactive referal bonuses!